Africa, the continent where you can experience the amazing wildlife and where the culture and style of life weren't touched by technology. Being such a different continent, Africa attracts many adventurous tourist from all over the world and gives them the change of their life to see wild animals in their habitat and untouched landscapes. If you a visiting Africa for the first time, you should know that the climate is usually very dry and affects accessibility and wildlife concentration. So if you want to have access to all activities provided by the locals or agency you should be careful to the dry season. Passing over this, we're going to give you some useful information about the best safari parks and private reserves in all Africa.

One of the most known park is Serengeti National Park, from Tanzania. It's famous due to the annual migration of over 1.5 million white bearded and 250.000 zebras and don't forget about numerous Nile crocodile and honey badger. The ecosystem host millions of wild animal like hyenas, elephants, hartebeests, rhinoceroses, antelopes and many lions, leopards, cheetahs and even wild dogs. The park is very large and intact and can sustain the survival of all species and ensure the protection of the entire ecosystem. In the dry season, the water is not enough for every animal so they become more aggressive so it's better to choose wisely your date for your vacation.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve is part of Kruger National Park in South Africa. Sabi Sand is the oldest private game reserve in South Africa offering a great experience to see the amazing leopard sightings. You can take great pictures with animals and having and amazing landscape as a background. Also, one important thing is that, the reservation offers luxurious accommodation that includes meals and safari activities. Here, you can experience the felling of following a leopard through the bushes with a ranger, an authorized person.

Another kind of wild landscape is Okavango Delta located in Botswana. It's a very large inland delta and most of it's water is ultimately transpired or evaporated. Due to the environment, delta supports a large variation of birds and also wild animals. Okavango Delta has two seasons: one wet season, when most animals move away from the delta and go to the lush gazing the surrounds, and on the other side is the dry season when the animals go back to delta.

Hwange National Park, the largest one in Zimbabwe and the most known due to the massive concentration of elephants that are coming to the park when is the dry season. Beside other national parks, Hwange park has a vast vegetation, with forests, granite hills and valleys. Most animals can be spotted in the dry season, from August to October, when the wildlife congregates around the water holes.

Those are a few of the safari parks that you can visit. Remember that always you need to inform about safety and season time if you want to see a large variety of wild animals. Most of the time locals offer different activities in the wild but be careful and take pictures without flash because you can scare the animals. If you want to find more points of interest just choose your zone and write it down and you will get more information about more place to visit.