Dangers in Africa

If you are planning a trip in another country, especially in Africa you should discuss it with your doctor at least 4 weeks before you leave so you have time to make the necessary vaccinations. Get your drugs and make a medical insurance. Depending on where you go, your doctor may make some recommendations because the area has special medical problems. For example, in many parts of Africa there are still malaria, typhoid fever or Ebola. Also, recommendations are made depending on health issues facing each particular patient.

However you do and however you explore, there are destinations that you're never prepared enough.

Beside diseases, there are many dangers for tourists who want to travel in Africa. Another serios problem is the wild animals and insects, that can put your life in danger. Now we will talk about wild animals and insects that are very dangerous for us.

Mosquitoes kills between 2 and 3 million people a year, but the truly dangerous are found only in Africa. It is famous for spreading malaria and yellow fever and many other diseases. Before leaving on a trip in exotic countries, you should inform yourself on diseases prevalent in the region and the dangerous insects.

Venomous snake is responsible for the death of about 125,000 people a year. There are over 2,000 species of snakes of which 450 are poisonous and only 250 are able to kill a man.

So beware especially in tropical forests and don't walk alone. Those predators will attack at any moment any man who will step on them or try to touch them.

Scorpions are responsible for taking the lives of up to 200 people a year and is found mostly in Africa. Scorpion paralyses its prey and then he injects venom through the needle at the end of the tail and it's active mostly at night.

Very dangerous for humans are animals such as wild cats. Also, hippos, elephants and buffalos can cause fatal injuries when they feel in danger. The hippo is actually one of the most dangerous wild animals from Africa because it's very aggressive. Annually about 100-150 people die from hippos, most met their death when they entered in their habitat. Elephants kill between 600 and 800 people a year. They have over 6 tons, so fighting with humans will always be unfair. Another predator is crocodile. Big cats kills about 800 people a year and are particularly prevalent in Africa. Tigers are ferocious animals and attacks prey from behind.

If you want to travel in Africa you should keep in mind those tips to have a safe trip. Besides diseases, ferocious animals and venom insects Africa is an amazing continent. If you take precautions everything will be wonderful.

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